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Collection Policy

This Collection Policy has been developed by The Nashua Historical Society to provide guidance for potential donors.


The Nashua Historical Society is organized and operated for educational purposes and is tax exempt as a 501(c)3 private non-profit foundation.

  1. Donations to The Nashua Historical Society are tax deductible as charitable contributions. The donor must provide an appraisal of value to The Nashua Historical Society if he/she requires a letter for tax deduction purposes.

  2. All items donated to, or otherwise obtained by, The Nashua Historical Society become the property of The Nashua Historical Society.

  3. The Nashua Historical Society only accepts items with clear title by the donor.

  4. Items not on public display are generally available for viewing by appointment.

  5. The Nashua Historical Society cannot guarantee that it will exhibit donated items, keep donated items together as a unit, or publicly acknowledge the donor’s name with each item.

  6. The Nashua Historical Society’s Collection Committee is responsible for acquiring materials for the collection.

  7. The Nashua Historical Society’s collection consists of items that are man-made and are of cultural origin.

  8. The Nashua Historical Society loans collection materials to historical societies, museums, and other similar organizations in accordance with The Nashua Historical Society‘s Outgoing Loan Policy.

  9. Accession records are created and maintained for all materials acquired by The Nashua Historical Society.

  10. Items in the collection will be retained indefinitely if they continue to be relevant and useful to The Nashua Historical Society. Items deemed irrelevant to the collection will be de-accessed according to The Nashua Historical Society’s Deaccession Policy. This allows the items to either be given to other historical societies or museums, or to be used to raise funds to purchase items for The Nashua Historical Society’s collection.


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Collection Policy

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