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Florence Speare Memorial Museum

The Nashua Historical Society was founded in 1870.  The collection was housed in the attics and basements of the volunteers who ran the Historical Society.  A permanent home for the collection finally became a reality when The Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum was constructed in 1971-1972. The Sceva Speare Trust provided the necessary funds to construct the museum.  Sceva Speare of Speare Dry Goods was a prominent local businessman and philanthropist.  Mr. Speare requested that the museum be named in honor of his first wife, Florence Hyde Speare.  Mr. Speare’s second wife, Jessie Reid-Speare, played an integral role in the museum becoming a reality.


The museum contains a wealth of information regarding Nashua’s origin, its evolution into a mill town in the 1800’s, its continued growth as a city and as a leading manufacturing and technology center.  Rotating exhibits explore Nashua history. 


The Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum also houses the Frank B. Clancy Research Library.  Mr. Clancy had the distinction of being the longest-serving president of The Nashua Historical Society.  His diligence at carefully managing the funds of the Society has helped to ensure that The Nashua Historical Society exists as it is today.

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