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Acquisition Policy

  1. It is the policy of The Nashua Historical Society to add artifacts to its historical collections that will continue to document and illustrate the history, development, and progress of the city of Nashua from its earliest beginnings to the present. Specifically, these items are to concern Nashua people, politics, industry, disasters, celebrations, and government.

  2. Additionally, we accept non-Nashua items for study, research, and exhibit purposes.

  3. Special emphasis is to be given to items that The Nashua Historical Society has traditionally collected. The acquisition criteria are: Is it Nashua? Did it occur in Nashua? Was it made in Nashua? Did they live in Nashua? Will it enhance our collection?

  4. Artifacts offered to The Nashua Historical Society will be judged for acceptance by a Standing Committee. No member of The Nashua Historical Society shall serve on this Committee who is engaged in the business of selling or buying artifacts.

  5. Because The Nashua Historical Society cannot exhibit its entire collection at once, and makes changes in exhibits from time to time, it cannot promise the permanent exhibit of any object. Those items not on public exhibition, however, are almost always available for research and study.


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Acquisition Policy

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