Puzzling Nashua's History

My name is Heather. I am working on my Girl Scout Silver Award project. One of the requirements is to do a fifty hour community service project. As both of my parents are active members at The Nashua Historical Society, I spend a lot of time there. I discovered there are not many activities for children to do when they visit. I came up with the idea of creating Nashua themed history puzzles.

Now that I have completed this Puzzling Nashua History project, I believe that anyone, especially children, would find these puzzles fun to do and by working on them you will learn new information about Nashua's rich history. Nashua is a community that I enjoy living in and always enjoy learning about.

I am very proud to have researched and completed this project. The project taught me a lot, not only about Nashua, but also about being committed to complete a project.

Click on any thumbnail to view and print the full size puzzle.


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