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Each year The Nashua Historical Society awards the Edmund M. Keefe Memorial Scholarship to one or more graduating high school senior who resides in Nashua.  In 2023, we were able to award two scholarships.


Congratulations to Alexis Abreu and Maribel Gutierrez!


Edmund Keefe lived to be 101 years old and lived most of his life in Nashua.  He began a career in education in 1929 by teaching history at the Nashua Senior High School.  In 1945 he became principal of the high school and went on to be the Superintendent of Schools for the City of Nashua in 1958.  After his retirement in 1973, he served eight terms as a State Representative for the City of Nashua. 


Mr. Keefe was an active volunteer at The Nashua Historical Society.  His favorite volunteer assignment was to escort elementary school students through the museum and explain the exhibits.  He also served on the Board of Directors and at one point as President of the Society.   


The Society began a scholarship in 1986.  The name of the scholarship was changed after Mr. Keefe’s death to honor his commitment to education, to history and to the Society.

For Additional Scholarship Information: Contact the Education Committee at (603) 883-0015 or

Scholarship Application:



  1. Must be a Nashua resident and a graduating high school senior.

  2. Must be planning on enrolling in a degree  program at an institution of higher education (technical school, college, or university).  It is preferred that the student have an interest in history or a related field, but not required.


  1. Applicant must complete the application form below or click here to print out out an application form.  The printed form can be mailed or dropped off at The Nashua Historical Society, 5 Abbott Street, Nashua, New Hampshire 03064.  If the Society is closed, there is a mail slot on the front door. 

  2. Request the high school forward a transcript of grades including class rank, if available. 

  3. Provide one letter of recommendation from a school faculty member.

  4. The transcript and letter of recommendation can be emailed to or can be mailed or dropped off at The Nashua Historical Society, 5 Abbott Street, Nashua, New Hampshire 03064.  If the Society is closed, there is a mail slot on the front door. 

  5. Deadline for submitting all information is Wednesday, May 8, 2024.  Materials received after that date will not be considered.


Note: Our online forms will not work with Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.  We encourage you to use an updated browser, or you can download a pdf form to fill out.

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Application Deadline Extended to Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Edmund M. Keefe Memorial Scholarship Application – 2024


NOTE: Please prepare your answers separately in advance.  You will lose your answers if you navigate away from this screen or refresh the page.

Click here if you would prefer to print out out an application form to fill out and mail it in

List of recent school activities and honors:

Which history classes have you had in high school and which of your history classes did you enjoy the most and why?

Which organization(s) do you participate in outside of school?  Please include volunteer activity.

What is your intended college or technical school major?

List, in order of preference, the colleges, universities, and/or tech schools to which you have applied.  Please add an asterisk* where you have been accepted.

Are you employed during the school year?

Hours per week:

Place of employment and type of work:

Parent or guardian contact info:

Siblings living at home:

List members of your family currently attending post-secondary schools and the name of the schools:

Explain any conditions (family, financial, etc.) that makes your situation unique:

Sign here to agree that the information on this application as of this date represents our situation correctly:

Click here to upload your letter of reccommendation as a pdf or document

Your submission has been sent.  Please contact us if you do not get a confirmation within 4 business days.

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