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Donor Documentation

Complete the form below or click here to print out out a request form that can be mailed to The Nashua Historical Society, 5 Abbott Street, Nashua, NH 03064 or emailed to

Note: Our online forms will not work with Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.  We encourage you to use an updated browser, or you can download a pdf form to fill out.

Donor documentation worksheet


Donor information*:

What is the object being donated*?

How and where did you obtain the object*?

If a photograph, please describe the event/the people/or place it depicts.

If you know the name of the photographer, please list his/her name and address:

If the photographer is deceased, do you know his/her date of death? If so, please list it.

Was the object ever altered, broken, and/or repaired? If so, do you know who repaired it*?

Do you have any personal memories or stories about the object that you would like The Nashua Historical Society to know?

If any of the above information is used in exhibit labels or publications created by The Nashua Historical Society, would you like to be*

If The Nashua Historical Society's Collections Committee does not accept your donation, would you like the item(s) returned to you?*

Would you like The Nashua Historical Society to de-access the item(s)?

Additional information

Please Note: Because The Nashua Historical Society cannot exhibit its entire collection at once, and makes changes from time to time, it cannot promise the permanent exhibit of any object. Those not on public exhibit, however, are almost always available for research and study.

Form completed by*:

Your submission has been sent. Please contact us if you do not get a confirmation within 6 business days.

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