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Love at First Sip

Sepia teapot with Abbey Ruins design printed on it, featuring images of a ruined abbey.
Teapot by T. Mayer, Longport, Abbey Ruins pattern, c.1830s

My first cup of tea was in college. I attended an all-women’s college, surrounded by a sisterhood of strength and hope for the future. After hours of academic focus, the chaos of the dinning hall was a welcome reprieve from classes, research, and papers. Here we found therapy among peers that couldn’t always be halted. Lingering meant a cup of tea, or two, or more, until the castle of cups in the middle of the table could be deemed a new accomplishment. After fifty years, I still treasure the friendships and lasting support found so long ago over a cup of tea!

Noritake teacup anbd saucer with images of birds flying in grass and flowers on a tan background with green handle.
Noritake Teacup and Saucer, Japan, c.1880-1890

Now, hours away from my alma mater I remain surrounded by strong women of distinction in the granite state. I now linger over stories of women like Hannah Davis, Dinah Whipple, and Sara Bagley, whose lives inspire our curiosity and perseverance. Women’s History Month typically goes past barely noticed through slush and bad weather. This year, I am starting the month with a celebration of the strength of women at the Nashua Historical Society on March 3rd. I am looking forward to connecting with wonderful women again over a cup of tea.

Silver teapot with orange-brown accents and S monogram.
Silver Teapot with "S" monogram, year unknown

Interested in the Posh Pink Tea Party at the Nashua Historical Society?

When: Sunday, March 3, 2024, 1:15 pm-3:30 pm

Where: Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum

For more information, please visit out events page.

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